Customised Employment Stage One – Discovery

Customised Employment: Stage One introduces the origins of Customised Employment and Discovery. In this module, we examine employment practice methodology while starting the process of Discovery and exploring family and client social capital. This module sets the foundations for successful Customised Employment practice underpinned by a person-centred practice philosophy. By the end of this module, […]

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The Employment Counsellor

The Employment Counsellor is an emerging role that differs from traditional rehabilitation and career counselling in the workplace. Fostered by the emergence of the NDIS, employment counsellors use their counselling skills and fundamental employment knowledge to build client capacity for employment. The Employment Counsellor works in partnership with the Customised Employment Specialist or separately to

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Certified Disability Employment Specialist

This course is designed to meet the needs of the modern Disability Employment Professional who works across multiple disability employment areas. The CDERP Certified Disability Employment Specialist has the knowledge and capacity to meet the demanding needs of a multi-focused disability employment system that demands an understanding of open and supported disability employment systems. In

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Work Experience

Embracing work experience opens doors to a journey of self-discovery and skill validation for job seekers. It serves as a pivotal platform to unearth their strengths, delve into personal interests, and unveil emerging abilities. With each work experience opportunity, individuals traverse through a landscape of vocational exploration, gradually honing their understanding of potential career paths.

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Individual Employment Practice Models

This short course will examine the rationale for individualised approaches to employment. The course looks at the two accepted approaches to individualised employment support; Individual Place and Support and Customised Employment. Both practice models will be compared and contrasted for participants. This supports a basic understanding of the approaches, their strengths and weaknesses and target

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Job Carving

Job Carving is an employment strategy developed to create employment opportunities for people with barriers to employment or who lack the full range of skills or abilities to undertake a specific job in full. Job carving involves creating, modifying, or customising a job to successfully perform it by an individual with disabilities while simultaneously meeting

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blocks with words step by step stacked on top of each other representing task analysis

Task Analysis

Task Analysis (TA) is the breaking down of complex or “chained” skills into smaller components to teach a skill. A person can be taught to perform individual steps of the chain progressively. This continues until the entire skill is mastered (also called “forward chaining”). This supports training to perform particular actions beginning with the final

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Job Analysis

Job analysis is the detailed study of a position, which includes all aspects of the job, from environmental conditions to physical requirements, and a breakdown of tasks on a micro-level. It is sometimes described as a systematic study of a job and the recording of the tasks, interactions and methodology used in performing the job. 

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