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Frequently Asked Questions

The Full Customised Employment training program is designed for people who wish to deliver the full CE process, use it to support someone or deliver Customised Employment  as a service within  a service provider, community or private setting. You can undertake our Discovery Professional program if you are looking to understand or deliver Discovery.

The Micro-credentials are designed for anyone who wants a detailed knowledge of Discovery, but are not sure whether they can complete the full program or have the desire to complete and deliver the full CE process. It’s a great way to test the water.

We’ve created the CDERP Certified program to reward people who undertake and complete the full CE training program. Once training is completed they’ll need to submit completed Discovery and Job Development plans delivered with fidelity to the model to be certified. They will need to commit to ongoing professional development to maintain their skills in CE and Discovery and submit to examination or evidence of practice fidelity every three years. This is about ensuring that you receive authentic Customised Employment and Discovery with fidelity to the evidence. Certified CE professionals will be listed on our website. Your guarantee that the CE professional delivering to you knows what they are doing and is committed to delivering Discovery  to you with fidelity – no shortcuts. This is what happens globally and we know that’s what you deserve when you want Customised Employment services.

We have programs available to deliver mentoring and ongoing support – talk to CDERP today. If you need something a little less formal, as part of your training you’ll join our Customised Community of Practice. It’s where you and your peers can get together, talk and exchange ideas and support.