Job Carving

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Job Carving is an employment strategy developed to create employment opportunities for people with barriers to employment or who lack the full range of skills or abilities to undertake a specific job in full. Job carving involves creating, modifying, or customising a job to successfully perform it by an individual with disabilities while simultaneously meeting an employer’s needs. In this short course, you will also be introduced to the skill of building a business case for creating a new job.

To support authentic job carving, this course introduces you to the job carving analysis form that will support the development of the business case for creating a new role, essential to display the strength of your proposition to any employer. This course will provide you with the necessary tools to deliver real employment outcomes, real jobs, and real pay in community settings that meet the client’s needs and community expectations for open employment in an inclusive society.

The Job Carving course is part of the larger Job Development program that is underpinned by the Job Development hierarchy developed by CDERP in response to the need for a professional approach to job development that meets both the client’s and employer’s needs. It is recommended that course participants undertake the complete Job Development program in order to develop the knowledge and skills required of today’s employment professionals.

This course is equal to 1 CPD Credit.

Follow this link to the full Job Development course: