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Task Analysis

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Task Analysis (TA) is the breaking down of complex or “chained” skills into smaller components to teach a skill. A person can be taught to perform individual steps of the chain progressively. This continues until the entire skill is mastered (also called “forward chaining”). This supports training to perform particular actions beginning with the final step. This gradually moves back through the chain of skills. The whole task is mastered from the beginning (backward chaining). This is an essential skill for every job developer seeking to successfully create new employment opportunities.

The term “task analysis” is used by different people to mean many other things in various industries. This course will take you through the three major components of task analysis: Method, Content, and Process. Understanding these steps will allow you to conduct a sound Task Analysis. This skill will be reinforced by activities and the use of the Task Analysis form. You will also learn about the various instructional approaches to skill acquisition. Collectively they underpin good job coaching and post-placement support.

This course is equal to 1 CPD credit.

The Big Picture

The Task Analysis course is part of the larger Job Development course that has been developed by CDERP. Together they build the skills of employment professionals to meet the needs of clients and employers in the development of solutions and employment opportunities. Follow this link to find the full Job Development Course:

Job Development is a feature of stage three of the Customised Employment method of employment practice. To find out more about Customised Employment and other CDERP programs follow this link:

Going Further

The skills developed in the Task Analysis course will have application across the broader disability support field and can be applied to daily living skills. It can be used to develop a range of skills such as eating in cafes, travel training, social skills and preparing meals. Task Analysis is commonly used when working on skills development with ASD clients, as well as the general population.