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Glide In (School to Work Transition)

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Glide In is a capacity building program that underpins a good transition from school to work or study. It is an evidence-based program that builds on decades of research into what makes a great transition.

The evidence tells us that a good transition is based on the following five elements:

  • School-based Preparatory Experiences – academic instruction and targeted curriculum.
  • Career Preparation and work-based experiences – vocational training and work experience – skills that support employment plus work experiences. 
  • Capacity Building – Youth Development and youth leadership. 
  • Family Involvement and support.
  • Connecting activities enable young people to be linked with organisations and services that complement their transition services and promote post-secondary supports.

Four out of five of these elements are delivered within the Glide In program. Point One is the responsibility of the school, which is why partnering with schools is a critical element of a good transition.

The learning program is self-paced and provides employment staff with the knowledge and tools to deliver Glide In effectively to school-age cohorts, as well as small groups of post-school participants. You are supplied with the delivery manual, participant workbook and resources to understand and deliver the program. Online mentoring is available to help you engage with the program and successfully obtain the knowledge to deliver it to student cohorts.

If your goal is to build the capacity of school students to successfully transition from school to employment or further study with a blueprint for success, then this is for you. Glide In can be delivered over a timeline that suits the school setting and is the perfect complement to the Work First post-school employment practice model. Glide In can also be delivered post-school in small group settings.

Available for service providers, schools, and community groups. A small annual licence fee applies (service providers) to support the ongoing development of the program and resources, along with annual mentoring on resource and program updates.

Families interested in undertaking the training to deliver the program to their family group are welcome to enquire.

Participants receive a full resource kit including;

  • Facilitator Manual
  • Participant Workbooks
  • Key Document Posters
  • Key Document Samples

Additional Participant Workbooks are available to purchase in bundles.

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Glide In is supported by CDERP’s Work First Individual Employment Program. For more details on employment support, follow this link: