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Embracing work experience opens doors to a journey of self-discovery and skill validation for job seekers. It serves as a pivotal platform to unearth their strengths, delve into personal interests, and unveil emerging abilities. With each work experience opportunity, individuals traverse through a landscape of vocational exploration, gradually honing their understanding of potential career paths. By immersing oneself in diverse workplace environments, job tasks, and cultural dynamics, candidates gain invaluable insights, paving the way for informed decisions regarding their ideal vocational pursuits.

This course is designed to illuminate the myriad benefits of work experience while emphasising its instrumental role in bolstering client capabilities and competencies. 

Participants will glean insights into harnessing work experience as a catalyst for fostering employer trust and confidence, thereby alleviating the necessity for extensive employer outreach efforts. Recognised as a fundamental precursor to securing employment offers and charting career trajectories, work experience serves as a pivotal stepping stone towards career advancement and fulfilment.

The significance of work experience transcends mere exposure to job roles; it offers a unique opportunity to sample diverse occupations, aligning client aspirations with tangible career pathways. In navigating this journey, we acknowledge the profound influence of environmental factors on individual capacities. It is within the dynamic realm of the workplace that one’s true potential unfolds, shaping a clearer understanding of aptitudes and preferences. Employing the evidence-based methodology of Discovery, we unearth and amplify each client’s intrinsic interests, unveiling pivotal clues towards their ideal employment conditions and career trajectories.

Discovery is a cornerstone of our approach, seamlessly integrated into various employment methodologies to unearth the essence of each client and the inherent support systems within their surroundings. It is a natural complement to the process of cultivating enriching work experiences, aligning seamlessly with our overarching objective of empowering clients towards sustainable employment and personal fulfilment.

This course is meticulously crafted to equip participants with foundational skills essential for adept job development practices, anchored within the comprehensive framework of the CDERP College Job Development model. By embracing the principles and methodologies delineated herein, practitioners are poised to navigate the complex landscape of employment facilitation with confidence, competence, and compassion.

This course is equal to 2 CPD Credits.

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