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Hi everyone,

we are trying to organise volunteer work experience for our daughter who is 13. This opportunity is to be a meet and greet person at an arts conference for 3 days. We think it is a great chance for her to experience a "taster" work experience and collect more info for her DSRA. She has had other community volunteering experiences such as Guides, community events etc.
Our challenge is the arts org has a standard volunteer Expression of Interest form and insurance coverage designed for over 18's - we are waiting to hear back if the org is open to working with us. We are thinking that as this is also outside of official school work experience (which typically only happens in year 10 and 11 in NSW) - so we would not be covered under the education department either.  We're assuming we may need to organise our own Public Liability and Workers injury insurance? Our suggestion is that our daughter's 18 year old peer support worker will be working alongside her to support and document, so she would be fully supported throughout.
Has CDERP staff or the student community had any similar situations and how have you resolved them? Getting access to taster experiences in community is a stepping stone to other work experience and information gathering. Thanks. Elise