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Neighbourhood evaluation for rural participants

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Hello, when completing the DSRA 2020 record my person I am supporting lives on a 6500 acre farm which is 30km from the nearest town. To complete the neighbourhood mapping component is it more appropriate to include an evaluation of the town resources than the immediate environment outside the farm gate?

The farmhouse is located 6 mins off road and the neighbouring farms are also set back from the road, so the immediate sense of neighbourhood is different to that of metropolitan neighbourhoods. There is a school bus twice a day, but no public transport.


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Hi Elise, Thank you for the question. The summary you provide above is a great snapshot of the individual's Neighbourhood (well done) and allows you to have an open conversation with the job seeker and family about potential barriers to employment that may need to be addressed eg how will the job seeker get to work. This content can be added to as you continue through Discovery. Eg the job seeker can show you the places he visits in his local Neighbourhood. 

As you continue through the Discovery process for this job seeker, exploring the closest town may be important for undertaking Discovery visits and Informational Interviews. However, the farm or small businesses down the road may also be important in this process.