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Work experience is an opportunity to explore and confirm the job seekers' strengths, interests and emerging abilities. Work Experience enhances our ability to correctly identify vocational themes and pathways for the clients. It enables the client to learn about the different aspects of a workplace, job tasks, environment and culture of a workplace. This supports an increased capacity to identify the ideal employment or ecological setting.

In this course, participants will learn about the benefits of work experience and its role in building client capacity and skills. Participants will also learn how to use work experience to build employer confidence. This minimises the need to invest heavily in employer awareness. Work experience is a natural precursor to employment offers and career pathway development.

Work experience provides an opportunity to taste various occupations prior to placement. This can confirm that client interests are aligned with employment dreams and pathways. We are disabled and enabled by our environments, so the best place to determine a client’s capacity is in a work setting. We look at how to engage with families and the valuable contribution family social capital makes to ensure employment happens.

This course builds foundation skills that support competent job development practice with reference to the CDERP College Job Development framework. Course participants also have the ability to download the course manual.

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