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Individual Place and Support (IPS)

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Delivering Employment Support to Clients with Mental Illness in Community Settings for Non-Mental Health Staff

This course is designed to give participants a basic understanding of the origins of IPS, the underpinning skills and knowledge to apply the skills in day-to-day practice. IPS is an evidence-based practice method that was originally developed for use with clients with severe mental illness with a focus on rapid employer engagement

Our new Individual Place and Support (IPS) for non-mental health staff bridges the gap between clients with severe mental illness in clinical settings and those clients who do not have a severe mental illness or access clinical programs. The course provides guidance and importantly addresses the elephant in the IPS room – the absence of vocational methodology for non-mental health staff.

Based on our work with this client cohort in the field and the evidence for practice with clients with mental illness, the course covers:

    • The Eight Core Principles of IPS
    • Practice Boundaries
    • Basic Counselling Skills
    • Principles of Advanced Counselling Skills
    • Recovery Coaching Principles
    • Active Families
    • Employment Practice
    • The Use of the CDERP developed Individual Discovery Record – Mental Health to guide employment practice
    • IPS principles in Practice
    • Post Placement Support Planning
These skills and knowledge will be invaluable for employment staff working across the broad spectrum of clients that utilise employment support. It will also facilitate a closer working alliance with mental health specialists where that opportunity exists, particularly in these challenging times.

The course is self-paced and you will be supported with video and reflective exercises to help you understand your role in supporting a person with mental illness on their journey to employment in community settings.

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