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Customised Employment - Support Funding, Activating Families and Self-Employment Stage Four

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In this credential, you will build on the knowledge and skills acquired in Customised Employment Stage Three.

  • The focus is on understanding how to fund the employment journey, the various supports to consider, the role of benefits planning along with how to engage families in the employment process.
  • Families are a critical part of employment success and the development of career opportunities.
  • This program will highlight ways to engage and educate families in the Customised Employment process, while also exploring self-employment as an alternative pathway to employment. Within self-employment, the importance of business planning is examined and it's role in guiding the self-employment process.
  • This course is the final capstone topic in the Customised Employment process.

In this course you will cover the following areas:

  1. NABCF010 Understanding Benefits Counselling & Support Funding
  2. NAAFF011 Activating Families – the Role of Family & Friends
  3. NASBP012 Undertaking Self-Employment & Business Planning

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