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Customised Employment and Discovery Overview

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In this overview, you will get a brief introduction to Customised Employment and Discovery. We discuss what is Customised Employment, what is Discovery, the fundamental principles of Customised Employment, the key characteristics, how Discovery links with NDIS employment strategy and pricing guide.

Customised Employment is a creative solution to employment developed for people with barriers to employment. Built on the evidence for person-centred practice, its focus is one person, one job at a time. A real job, paying a real wage in the community – real economic inclusion, not faux employment. Sometimes, Discovery leads to self-employment, an innovative way of meeting community needs while developing gainful employment.

NDIS Research into Customised Employment

The NDIS commissioned research into employment interventions. To read about all interventions and CDERP’s Customised Employment, follow this link:

CDERP Work First Customised Employment Research and Work

Follow this link to NDIS-supported research carried out by the University of Melbourne partnership: