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Job Development – Disability Employment

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Job development generally falls into four phases. These are getting to know job seekers, finding job openings, engaging employers to hire, and facilitating the transition to a job. This is often the description applied to the role of job developer. For most people, that’s where the knowledge stops. However, authentic employment professionals know that knowledge is their advantage and want more. Up until now, professional job development lacked a cohesive framework for service delivery. This is apparent in the variety of descriptions that service providers use to describe what they do. Many of which highlight the absence of real understanding.

This course goes further and delivers that knowledge to support real job development!

Course Structure

Based on the Job Development Pyramid and built on a strong evidence base for good practice. The course will take you through the following areas of knowledge and skills:

  • Understanding the Client,
  • Understanding the Employer,
  • Job Analysis,
  • Task Analysis,
  • Job Customisation, Creation and Carving,
  • Workplace Accommodations.

If knowledge is power, then this course will supercharge your skills and put you ahead of the pack creating your point of difference. That difference is a real practice framework to support professional job development. Time to throw out the shortcuts and deliver professional job development. Your clients are looking for something better, and having a framework for practice is one key to delivering on that promise.

The course is self-paced and supported by multiple assessments, resources and video content from people who do the work. All participants receive access to course materials and mentoring as required. This course will build a comprehensive skill set that supports authentic, effective job development, not simply chasing big signs or dream jobs.

This course is equal to 5 CPD credits.

The Job Development Course is one part of the CDERP College initiative to develop comprehensive, evidence-based skills and professional development programs that support authentic person-centred professionalism in the Disability Employment sector. For more information on CDERP and our programs, follow this link:

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