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The Job Coach - Available Late 2023

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Job Coaching is an essential ingredient to successful long-term employment.
The Job Coach assists neurodivergent individuals and persons with disabilities to find suitable employment by partnering with employers and clients to ensure suitable adjustments and ongoing support.

In this course, we cover;

  • Understanding the individual needs, interests, skills and past experiences using a strengths-based approach.
  • Promote and support capacity building using work experience, self-determination and self-advocacy skills.
  • Developing suitable employment opportunities with employers.
  • Using effective communication skills to develop relationships with employers and community groups.
  • Assists with job applications, resumes and understanding the inherent requirements of the job.
  • Conducts research to understand different employment practice models, government policies and legislation that underpins working with people with barriers to employment.
  • Linking Job Coaching with Job Development.

This course builds skills essential for the Disability Employment Professional.

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