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The Job Development Guide provides comprehensive guidance on practice that assists an employment professional in creating a sustainable approach. Practice that adds to the evidence and by doing so offers researchers the opportunity to understand techniques that result in consistent good person-centred employment outcomes. Outcomes that meet the needs of the individual and the employer – true mutuality.

The Job Development Guide offers new tools and knowledge that you apply in any employment service setting. You aren't limited to simply using the practices of Discovery, Customised Employment or Individual Place and Support. Take the knowledge and apply it to your setting as part of delivering authentic person-centred employment support. We cover job development, job analysis, task analysis and job carving, along with approaches to understanding the clients, accommodations and employer.

"I really like your Job Development Manual. Informative but not too long. Practical, but well-grounded in best practices. And I really like the conversational tone of it."

David Mank

Professor Emeritus University of Indiana

Senior Advisor. Office of Disability Employment Policy. US Department of Labor

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