Engaging with Employers – Building an Alliance of Mutuality

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Events of the past few years have changed the landscape for employers big and small. Old ways of thinking and approaching employers need to be consigned to history as we explore the new employment paradigm. In 2021, Peter Creticos writing about the future of work in his co-edited book "The Many Futures of Work" wrote: Policies that affect the many futures of work need to be informed by the wants, needs, desires, ideas, and opinions shared around kitchen tables and family events, in barbershops and beauty salons, at community gatherings, on shop floors, in places of worship, and in offices. These policies need to be discussed in public forums where diverse opinions are invited and respected.

The path forward is to take these conversations, listen to employers and their concerns and apply the very best evidence from practice and the community and engage businesses in forward-leaning collaborations that are aimed at “Achieving the Promise of Work” for workers, their families, and their communities.

If you aren't part of this conversation how can you expect to be part of the solution? In this short course, we offer insight into employment consultant skills and knowledge, along with examing employer engagement from the perspective of employers and what they see wrong with employment services. We also examine the latest research into employer concerns and challenges. The challenge for you will be to take this information and craft a solution that will work in your environment, not someone else's in a different city.

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