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Customised Employment - CDERP Certified Professional

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This certificate provides comprehensive training in Customised Employment designed to meet the needs of employment professionals who wish to deliver employment services with fidelity to practice evidence.

  • The program is suitable for highly motivated individuals who may wish to undertake Customised Employment practices for families and desire a higher level of skills and knowledge.
  • The program has been developed and is extensively used in Australia to ensure that it meets our funding settings for disability employment practice. No shorts cuts, just real Customised Employment that meets international practice standards.
  • CDERP Certified Customised Employment professionals receive training that is consistent with the evidence base, evolved through research and adapted to meet the Australian setting.
  • Delivered online and supported by live sessions and peer forums, the training allows busy professionals to engage in the process and to start utilising the learning from day one.
  • The modules are self-paced, but you won't be alone, as you will be mentored on your learning journey by experienced Discovery practitioners and trainers.
  • You will continue to have access to the trainer post-training to help you through the inevitable hurdles that you'll come across. Mentoring options that are available for participants wanting extra support on the job
  • The program includes a copy of the recommended text; The Job Developers Handbook.
  • Invitations to CE Professional only events.

On successful completion of the full program and submission of practice evidence, participants will be recognised as a CDERP Certified Customised Employment Professional and added to the public listing of Customised Employment Expert Practitioners. Make yourself stand out from the crowd as an employment specialist!

Key Concepts Include :

• NAICE1 Introduction to Customised Employment

• NAUPD2 Understanding Discovery and the Person

• NAUDS3 Understanding Discovery and Social Capital

• NAAII4 Arranging Informational Interviews

• NAPWE5 Promoting Work Experience

• NASDC6 Understanding Self-Determination & Career Design

• NAJDE7 Undertaking Job Development & Engaging Employers

• NAEEM8 Promoting Employer & Employee Mutuality

• NAPSI9 Delivering Post-Employment Support: Systematic Instruction

• NABCF10 Understanding Benefits Counselling & Support Funding

• NAAFF11 Activating Families - the Role of Family & Friends

• NASBP12 Undertaking Self-Employment & Business Planning

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