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Practice focused Professional Development and Training for Families, Disability Employment Professionals and Advocates. Where Person-Centred Practice is real and not just a buzzword.

Our Courses

Training and Professional Development Courses for Disability Employment Professionals with a focus on practical person-centred application in real world settings. Ideal for Open and Supported Employment Staff, and Families who wish to understand or undertake employment support on their own terms.


MCCE1. Foundations of Customised Employment & Discovery Stage 1 ©

Designed for anyone who desires a detailed understanding of Discovery and Customised Employment, micro-credentials are a great way for anyone who wishes to deliver or support a person with a disability on the employment journey to develop the foundation skills required to pursue employment. In this credential, you will develop an understanding of the origins of Customised Employment and Stage One of Discovery – Getting to Know the Client.

MCCE2. Understanding the Person and their Career, Discovery Stage 2 ©

In this credential, you will build on the knowledge and skills acquired in MCCE1. The focus is on identifying skills in the workplace and the use of work experience to underpin skill development and focus on identifying vocational pathways. During work experience, we capture skills in action to develop visual resumes. We also explore career design and pathways underpinned by Self-Determination.
$ 2000.00

CDERP Certified Customised Employment Professional ©

This certificate provides comprehensive training in Customised Employment designed to meet the needs of employment professionals who wish to deliver employment services with fidelity to practice evidence. The program is suitable for highly motivated individuals who may wish to undertake Customised Employment practices with family and desire a higher level of skills and knowledge. The program has been developed and extensively used in Australia to ensure that it meets our funding settings for disability employment practice.

MCCE4. Support Funding, Activating Families & Self-Employment ©

In this credential, you will build on the knowledge and skills acquired in MCCE4. The focus is on understanding how to fund the employment journey, the various supports to consider, the role of benefits planning, along with how to engage families in the employment process. Families are a critical part of employment success and the development of career opportunities.

MCCE3: Job Development, Engaging Employers & Career Support ©

In this credential, you will build on the knowledge and skills acquired in MCCE2. The focus is on unmet needs in the workplace, matching the participant’s skills and interests to the business culture and setting. By understanding the unmet needs and culture of the business you can create conditions of mutuality in the workplace that meets the participant's ideal conditions of employment while addressing an identified business need.

Overview of Customised Employment and Discovery

In this overview, you will get a brief introduction to Customised Employment and Discovery, a taste of what is available within our Micro-Credentials. This includes what is Customised Employment, what is Discovery, fundamental principles, key characteristics, links with NDIS employment strategy and pricing guide and information about what our programs deliver.
Person-centred together

Person-Centred Employment Practice

This course is designed for individuals looking to develop a basic understanding of person-centred practice as it is applied in disability employment at both an individual and service provider level. The course provides a comprehensive look at Person-Centred Practice & Organisations, along with employment consultants/employer interface and the individual practice models of Customised Employment (CE) and Individual Place and Support (IPS).
Feb 2022

Individual Place and Support (IPS)

This course has been designed to give employment consultants the knowledge to deliver IPS in non-clinical settings. IPS is an evidence-based practice method that was originally developed for use with clients with mental illness with a focus on rapid employer engagement. Today it has application across a wider cohort of clients with barriers to employment and is a perfect complementary skillset for anyone looking to deliver person-centred practice.
Feb 2022

Workplace Counselling for Employment

Workplace Counselling is an overlooked but important part of the employment process for anyone with barriers to employment. It is an essential component and skill needed to ensure that clients are properly supported and prepared to engage in meaningful employment. In this course, we'll cover basic counselling skills, motivational interviewing, self-determination and recovery coaching. Essential knowledge for professional employment staff.

Basic Certificate in Discovery

Key concepts covered include: Introduction to Customised Employment, Understanding Discovery and the Person, Understanding Discovery and Social Capital, Arranging Informational Interviews, Promoting Work Experience, and Undertaking Job Development & Engaging Employers.
March 2022

The Future of Work is Diversity

This course provides an understanding of disability in the workplace as part of the bigger picture of workplace diversity. The future of work isn't about what jobs will be invented and who will lose out, but about how employers manage a diverse workplace of skilled workers who meet their business needs. We examine strategies that change how workers think and how to support workers to engage in self-organising processes that support innovation and inclusion, along with strategies that support acculturation in the workplace to support a healthy vibrant diverse workforce.

Engaging with Employers – Building an Alliance of Mutuality

Events of the past few years have changed the landscape for employers big and small. In this short course, we offer insight into employment consultant skills and knowledge, along with examing employer engagement from the perspective of employers and what they see wrong with employment services. We also examine the latest research into employer concerns and challenges. The challenge for you will be to take this information and craft a solution that will work in your environment, not someone else's in a different city.

Actionable Training

Evidence-based - Practice Focused Instruction that makes Discovery authentic and real.

Interesting Quizzes

Assessments and Quizzes that reinforce your learning, supported by online mentoring sessions.

Premium Material

Theory and Practice from acknowledged leaders in Customised Employment

Professional Development and Training For Disability Employment Advocates, Families and Consultants

Our training is evidence based, practice informed and developed to meet the needs of the evolving disability employment paradigm. Modern effective disability employment systems demand up to date knowledge and skills to ensure that you meet the needs of clients who are undertaking a journey of discovery to personally meaningful employment and careers. Our focus for decades has been on evolving the evidence for Customised Employment and improving practice methods. With the NDIS supporting Discovery, now more than ever there is an urgent need for real training with fidelity to the evidence and practice model. CDERP College is dedicated to achieving just that.

Dr Peter Smith - CDERP Director

Our programs allow you to build the skills necessary to deliver meaningful employment services, particularly for people interested in delivering person-centred services with an emphasis on Customised Employment and Discovery.

We offer you the opportunity to engage with up to date material and resources to make your learning journey easy and accessible. Our LMS is intuitive and well supported.

Our staff don’t just teach you new skills, they work with them with clients. Our people don’t just develop and evolve practice, they use it  to inform your training and understand the unique nature of delivering individualised services.   

What Our Students Have to Say

I just finished the latest CDERP podcast and wanted to check in to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed the recent training sessions with Jon and Lauren. It’s reinvigorated my interest in employment outcomes for people living with disability and reminded me why I started working in this field in the first place. Redefining purpose seems to benefit from these accidental moments, and while my current role only briefly scratches the surface, it has me thinking about the future again through a changed lens.
From Tasmania
I really enjoyed the CDERP course because of its person-centred approach to employment, which really aligns with my values. It looks at the person as a whole and aims to create a role with longevity and career development based on their particular skills and attributes. The course gives you a great understanding of the structure and steps involved in the customised employment process, but also allows for the flexibility and fluidity needed when dealing with individuals with complex needs. It was helpful to use real examples and being able to access the course facilitators for mentoring throughout the course has been really valuable.
From Perth
I am really enjoying the Customised Employment Course. It is easy to study, interesting and practical. If we go by the responses of the people I told about the Customised Employment, there is a demand for it in Kenya. I have so many questions about how this can be contextualised for a low income country with high unemployment rate, no disability benefits, difficulty finding jobs even for people with minor disabilities.
From Kenya
I just think that the impact of this first part of Discovery on you is quite significant and I would be right in saying that the outcomes that you would assume for clients would be so different to what you might have considered in the past.
Provider Staff Participant
From Canberra
I guess I never really appreciated how much a job means to guys like Billy. I just took it for granted and looked at it from a perspective of paying the bills and making an impact in small ways when I am allowed to. With this training I feel inspired and motivated to work on a different level and have a bigger impact at empowering people with a disability. Before Covid one night at soccer Billy comes up to me and tells me that he might have a job in a recycling yard. He seemed so proud and happy. I gave it some thought and felt a little flattered that he would share this good news with me and then well you know the story. On my informational interview with him I asked him how many friends he had apart from Tom at the soccer and he said "no one really" and that felt so sad. So to have the experience and training to be able to help him it almost brings a tear to me eye and I feel very blessed.
From Perth

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