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Course Description

Micro – Credential 1

In this credential, you will develop an understanding of the origins of Customised Employment and Stage One of Discovery – Getting to Know the Person. This course lays the foundational knowledge required for those seeking to deliver Customised Employment and Discovery with the essential knowledge and skills required to engage participants in a meaningful way to support a successful journey of Discovery.

Key concepts covered include:

  • Origins of Customised Employment
  • Advantages of Customised Employment
  • Steps involved with undertaking Stage One of the Discovery Process
  • Basics of Social Capital

This micro-credential covers the following modules from the full CDERP Certified Customised Employment program.

NAICE001 Introduction to Customised Employment

The unit content provides candidates with a detailed understanding of the origins and history of Customised Employment and the Discovery Process. The candidate will develop an understanding of its application, relationship to person-centred planning and its practical application across a variety of settings where people with barriers to employment receive vocational supports.

NAUDP002 Understanding Discovery & the Person

The unit provides the basis for understanding the Discovery process and its role in finding meaningful employment outcomes. Providing the knowledge of how to successfully engage with and interview the individual and their family, undertake a Neighbourhood visit and therefore complete and document stage one of the Discovery process.

NAUDS003 Understanding Discovery & Social Capital

The unit advances the understanding of the activities involved in the Discovery process. It will provide candidates with the skills to identify and interview people of significance to the individual and to further explore the individual’s skills through Discovery visits. Knowledge gained will ensure an understanding of the importance of an individual’s social networks for building a clearer picture of an individual’s best fit for employment and to open opportunities up for future work experience.