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Customised Employment Training for Professionals

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This certificate provides comprehensive training in Customised Employment designed to meet the needs of employment professionals who wish to deliver employment services with fidelity to practice evidence.


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CDERP Certified Customised Employment professionals receive training that is consistent with the evidence base, evolved through research and adapted to meet the Australian setting. 

Dr Peter Smith Director - Centre For Disability Employment Research and Practice

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Approx. 6 -12 months

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$ 2000.00

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Basic Knowledge of Disability Employment

Course Description

The program has been developed and extensively used in Australia to ensure that it meets our funding settings for disability employment practice. No shorts cuts, just real customised employment that meets international practice standards.

Delivered online and supported by live sessions and peer forums, the training allows busy professionals to engage in the process and to start utilising the learning from day one. The learning is detailed and designed to allow you to deliver services that meet the needs of empowered clients who demand not just a job, but real employment that meets their aspirations, strengths and talents.

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Student Reviews about This Course

I just finished the latest CDERP podcast and wanted to check in to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed the recent training sessions with Jon and Lauren. It’s reinvigorated my interest in employment outcomes for people living with disability and reminded me why I started working in this field in the first place. Redefining purpose seems to benefit from these accidental moments, and while my current role only briefly scratches the surface, it has me thinking about the future again through a changed lens.
From Tasmania
I just think that the impact of this first part of Discovery on you is quite significant and I would be right in saying that the outcomes that you would assume for clients would be so different to what you might have considered in the past.
Provider Staff Participant
From Canberra
I guess I never really appreciated how much a job means to guys like Billy. I just took it for granted and looked at it from a perspective of paying the bills and making an impact in small ways when I am allowed to. With this training I feel inspired and motivated to work on a different level and have a bigger impact at empowering people with a disability. Before Covid one night at soccer Billy comes up to me and tells me that he might have a job in a recycling yard. He seemed so proud and happy. I gave it some thought and felt a little flattered that he would share this good news with me and then well you know the story. On my informational interview with him I asked him how many friends he had apart from Tom at the soccer and he said "no one really" and that felt so sad. So to have the experience and training to be able to help him it almost brings a tear to me eye and I feel very blessed.
From Perth
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Jack Brownn
From London, UK

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Be recognised as practitioner of real person centred employment practice.