Customised Employment – The Person and their Career, Discovery Stage 2

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Course Description

In this credential, you will build on the knowledge and skills acquired in Discovery Stage One. The focus is on identifying skills in the workplace and the use of work experience to underpin skill development and focus on identifying vocational pathways. During work experience, we capture skills in action to develop visual resumes. We also explore career design and pathways underpinned by Self-Determination.

This course lays the knowledge required for using Discovery outcomes as the basis for job development, employer engagement and career pathways.

In this course you will cover the following areas;

Arranging Informational Interviews

The unit describes the skills and knowledge required to implement the strategy of Informational Interviews in engaging with employers to explore emerging themes. Participants develop an understanding of what vocational themes are and the role they play in the Customised Employment process. Skills involved in capturing talents and building a visual portfolio with the job seeker, along with the benefits of building a network of employers to support job development strategies.

Promoting Work Experience

The unit provides the candidate with an understanding of the purpose, practice and impact of work experience, on finding meaningful employment outcomes. The knowledge developed in this unit is important to facilitate work experience opportunities that support successful employment and career outcomes for individuals with barriers to employment. This unit applies to workers looking to support people with disabilities and other disadvantaged groups into employment opportunities and career pathways.

Understanding Self-Determination & Career Development

The unit content provides candidates with a detailed understanding of Self-Determination Theory and its application within the Self-Determined Career Design Model that supports career development and progression within the Disability Employment practice model. The candidate will develop an understanding of its application, relationship to person-centerd planning and its practical application across a variety of settings where people with barriers to employment receive vocational supports.